Old Broad Bay Family History Association

Historic Documents

UNITED STATES DIRECT TAX LIST OF 1798 WALDOBOROUGH Transcribed by David Putnam from The Genealogical Advertiser, volumes III and IV, Lucy Hall Greenlaw, Palala Publishing

2015 Ulmer Homestead Archeological Survey The Last House of Philip Martin Ulmer (1807-1816). A Preliminary Report of Excavations at ME 243-007, Ducktrap Village, Lincolnville, Maine. This 120 page report includes photos, diagrams, and many details about the excavation.

Hessian Soldiers who may have settled in Maine This list is of German soldiers stationed at Fort George in Castine during the American Revolution who either were discharged or deserted. The list is divided between soldiers of the Brunswick Regiment and the Anspach-Bayreuth Regiment. Some of these individuals settled in Waldoboro and other parts of what is now Maine. This list was compiled by Old Broad Bay member Anette Ruppel Rodriguez, a historian, and an instructor of the German Language at the University of Maine at Orono. DJP

Moravians at Old Salem Village North Carolina, By Dale C. Gunn From 1769 onward, there was a migration of families from Waldoboro to the newly formed Moravian community in Friedland, North Carolina. OBBFHA Board Member Dale Gunn visited there in 2018 and he provides interesting photos and links to sites of interest.


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PHOTO GALLERY and Related Family Information, These are photos submitted by our members and they are shown in two galleries. One gallery lists names and contributors and in the second gallery the photos have no names or other identification just the contributor. If you know who any of these people are, please let us know. This also contains family genealogy information submitted by our members.